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Android Application Testing

Application testing is an important aspect of any form of development. It plays a vital role in ensuring a positive experience from the customers. In order to minimize mobile app defects, it is imperative for the application to go through various phases of testing. Google provides various tools to developers to ensure that their applications goes through rigorous process of testing, before it is published in the Play store.

There are a slew of applications in any app market, which makes it even more important to have an app at its optimal performance in order to stand out of the rest. We at Android softwrae programming understand the fact that the goal of a android tester is not only to find errors in the application, but also to analyze the quality of application. Our testers try to assess each module and its functionality within the core android ecosystem. We make sure that our developers work in close loop with the testers, so that they can provide them with vital inputs to enhance the user experience of the application.

There are some unique challenges faced when it comes to android app testing. These challenges often present the developers as well as testers with choice of trade-offs between different techniques and methods. Our android app testers take into account various pros and cons to optimize the application. Moreover they follow a set of testing strategies that combines different testing options. At the end it puts in place a balance between cost, quality and time-to-market.

Our testing teams invoke ingenuity and creativity while testing an android application. The application testing revolves around finding the solution to what the app is meant to do. But the android app testers at Android software programming go a step further, to understand how different users would use the application to rectify their query. By thinking outside the box we are able to analyze the application from the perspective of a user.

Testing has always been thought to be logical, predictable and pre-planned with serious processes, test scripts, and test plans. But the reality can't be more further from the truth. Our app tester not only creates test cases and finds bugs, but they also try to insinuate problems. This provides the developers with valuable information that enables them to confidently decide the future proposition of the application.

We offer comprehensive android application testing which involves various stages to ensure highest degree of software quality assurance

  • Functional Testing Phase: There are various aspects of any android application, with different modules working together to form an application. Our dedicated android app testers ensures a seamless application, by carefully going through each module to ensure that all of them work in coherence with each other. This involves Code walk-through, Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Non-Functional testing Phase:The android testers at Android software programming not only assesses the functional or technical aspect of an application but also the Non-functional aspect. Compatibility testing and usability testing are two major factors that can decide the popularity of an application.
  • Pre-Rollout Performance Evaluation:An application testing is not complete until or unless we do a pre-release demo launch test, which gives us an overview of the performance evaluation. This involves load and stress testing, endurance testing, database tuning in order to ensure optimal data transfer between the user-end and the backend database.

Testing has been and would always be an important part of android application development. We deliver cost reductions and scalability improvements to improve testing productivity which drives quality throughout the android application development life cycle.