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Android Games Development

Android games development is the most exuberant sector of mobile application development industry covering nearly three fourth of total application ecosystem. Powerful graphic chips, ultra fast processors and high resolution screens have become a trademark of Android devices. This is the reason why playing games on Android powered devices is always considered to be a pleasure. There are a lot of unique features available on Android, like high quality audio and video format support, which gives android game developers create some visual adobes..

However due to different processors and screen sizes, developers always have a tough time calibrating the gaming application to support all the devices and to ensure that the FPS (frames per second) difference does not affect the performance of the game. At A, our developers are well versed with WebGL technology which ensures that the output application is of high quality and the user experience is similar to that of a gaming console.

Our vast expertise in Android framework, and tools like Java, Linux, HTML5 and CSS3 help create high quality games. Our professional team of programmers are technically proficient in using all features of Android OS thus resulting in jaw dropping graphics. Our development team goes through meticulously laid step to create amazing games:

  • Understanding the basic story-play of the game
  • Designing various characters involved in the game.
  • Designing the environments.
  • Implementing the logic.
  • Development of different levels.Development of different levels
  • Debugging and testing.
  • Finalizing with the client
  • Launch and post launch maintenance

By undertaking these basic methodologies, we ensure that all aspects of the game development are covered. We are of the view that if the idea is put to use properly then, then it can lead to amazing results. We have a vast experience in creating Android games in the following categories:

  • Arcade games
  • Action games
  • 3D games
  • Sports and simulation games
  • Puzzle games
  • RPG games
  • Multiplayer interactive games
  • Casual games

There is much more to explore. Please contact us by filling the Instant Quote form or by dropping an email at Call us toll free: 888-276-4064