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Staffing Augmentation

Staff leasing and augmentation services have been prominently used by organizations across the globe to work on development projects and overview business objectives. This technique is usually taken into account when some additional workforce is required for a project on a short term basis. The advantage of putting such technique into practice is that it leverages existing resources while utilizing outsourced services.

We at Android software programming have been offering staffing augmentation for Android development to our clients for a long period of time. Our temporary staffing services have a skilled pool of resources including Android developers as well as quality testers and digital marketers.

The biggest advantage of hiring our resources is that the work on your project can be undertaken in short notices for flexible time periods. Companies have been utilizing our services as per their requirements from time to time to overcome seasonal loads and sudden shortage of workforce.

Advantages of Staffing Augmentation:

  • Cost Effectiveness: It helps any organization to reduce the cost expenditure by hiring an outsourced development team for a project on a short period of time without worrying about human resources and infrastructure scaling.
  • Time efficiency: There is also a huge advantage of time efficiency which can optimize your business results.
  • Transparency in Workforce: An organization need not worry about the outsourced team, as the project work is done transparently with regular time sheets and reports being shared by the client.

Why Us?

  • Our dedicated developers have vast experience of working on various projects which gives them an edge in real time development environment.
  • We have flexible contracts which can be further customized according to the requirements of the client.
  • Our developers have strong fundamentals and definitive understanding of technical as well as functional concepts.
  • We gives our clients the option to even upscale and downscale as per the necessity of the project.
  • We provide our clients the complete control of hiring and managing our resource. They are even open to shuffle the team as per their requirement.
  • By default we enforce our Security and IT policies, but our clients have the authority to optionally implement their policies existing in their own organization.
  • We understand the vitality of Intellectual Property Control and take it very seriously. Our team adheres to all the regulations to ensure that the data of the client is secure.
  • We even assist our clients to implement additional communication and collaboration tools as per the requirement of the project.

We engage in a vast degree of flexibility and provide a range of options to our clients in order to give them customized staffing augmentation for android development as per their needs.

There is much more to explore. Please contact us by filling the Instant Quote form or by dropping an email at Call us toll free: 888-276-4064