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App Store Launch and Optimization

Developing an application does not only involve designing and programming, but a developer also has to keep in mind the successful launch of the application in the app store as well as app store optimization (ASO). Due to the fact that there are over 700,000 android applications in the Google Play store, it is important to put some thought in to the marketing of application. ASO is basically the process of improving the visibility of mobile application.

This is a factor that many developers tend to overlook, while developing an application. Even if the designing and usability of the application is impeccable, it sometimes is unable to reach its optimum userbase, as it is not fairly visible among the top applications. Taking advantage from our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we utilize it in ASO (App Store Optimization) by making the application rank high in the app store results. In this way the visibility of the application also increases, which yields more downloads.

Although, the process of launching an application in the Google play store is fairly straightforward as compared to Apple's app store, there are still some regulations laid forward, that developers have to adhere to. A proper launch of application, on-time, without any hassle has been our main priority and over the years, we have undertaken hugely successful launches on Google Play store.

We at Android Software Programming understand that mobile technology moves at a very fast pace and trends change very often. That is why we also offer our clients post launch services for the applications by rolling out updates to keep the application in sync with the latest technologies.

There few fundamental attributes that we undertake to ensure that the application gets better visibility and userbase:

App Description: This is one of the key points that we take into consideration while launching an application. The best descriptions are the ones that are precise and describe the core functionality of the application.

Attractive Screen-shots: It is imperative to have a good visual display of screen of your application that can portray various screen and nice UI. Before downloading the application a user gets to know the design elements which is very useful.

Appvertising: There are various ways by which we enable our clients to increase their app visibility. One of the prominent way is advertising to in-app promotion.

App Review: The biggest factor by which a user downloads an application is its usability. But when there are multiple applications offering same services then a users always goes by the reviews. An application with positive review would always be preferred over the rest.

Popular Functionality: It has been often seen that those applications that target a particular audience gets more ranking than a generic application. Sometimes it gets difficult for users to find relevant application if your app does not specify special traits or usability.

With a slew of application launches under our belt, we have ensured that all the applications reaches its targeted userbase. We understand the fact that if there are no takers for an application then there is no point in developing the app. This is why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the application has better visibility on the app store.

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